Laura Dunn, Marketing Communications Consultant
Laura Dunn, Marketing Communications Consultant

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Nice to meet you.

With a foundation in journalism and more than 15 years of broad marketing and communications experience in a variety of industries, I have dedicated my career to crafting communications that achieve goals and make a difference.

That journey has taken me down many paths, from healthcare to higher ed, social services to small business, and even working at a literal zoo (where I once spent an entire night in a pumpkin patch in the line of duty - ask me about it).

Throughout my career, I've always had to wear many hats. As a result I've had the pleasure of gaining both broad and deep expertise in all aspects of integrated marketing communications and the ability to put all the pieces together to create compelling campaigns built on strong and sound strategy.

And I'm always ready for another adventure...

So, what can I do for you?

Let's get together and talk about it.